New Generation iPod: "iPod Touch"

Apple announced the new generation ipod.It is named iPod Touch.I guess I don't have to tell why it is called "touch" but I'm saying: It features a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.It has a 3.5-inch "wide-screen".Another important revolution is iPod touch gives you wireless access to the web.It comes with a Safari browser in it.It also has a YouTube Player for the youtube addicts.Other features are same as iPod Classic so I won't tell about them.If you want to know more about iPod Touch then you should visit apple's official site:

R.I.P Pavarotti

Today I was watching the news and I saw that Pavarotti was dead.Actually I didn't use to listen him very much but I had good feelings about him(like a lot of people).The only thing i like about classical music was Pavarotti.Maybe his appearance was the cause of that but anyway he is dead now.So I've lost my only relationship with classical music.That means I'm going on with Rock'n Roll :).

If you don't know who Pavarotti is or wanna know more about him you should look at here: