Is Wuala new generation of peer2peer file sharing?

Wuala, your free online hard-disk

Wuala is a new way of storing, sharing, and publishing files on the internet. It's a free desktop application for Windows and Mac that brings you a convenient and secure online storage. Unlike traditional online storage systems, Wuala is decentralized and can harness idle resources of participating computers to build a large, secure, and reliable online storage. This new technology has a number of advantages and it allows us to provide you a better service for free.

Access, share and publish files

You can use Wuala to upload a file and access it from anywhere else, even when your computer is offline. Or you can use it to share files such as photos, videos, music, or documents with friends or groups. Furthermore, you can publish files for the whole world to see. In the public area, you can search and browse for what others have published. You can store any file you want in any size you want. Downloads are fast and there are no traffic limits.

Start with 1 GB, get more if you need

You start with 1 GB provided by us. If you need more, you can simply trade some space on your hard disk for additional online storage. The idea behind Wuala is not to give you more storage in total (apart from the first GB provided by us), but to change the quality of your storage: It is able to transform local storage into online storage that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, even when your computer is offline.

Security and privacy

Wuala is secure and protects your privacy: All files you store are encrypted such that only you and those authorized by you can access them. All encryption and decryption is performed locally and your password is never sent to us - so not even we can access your files.

Free, convenient desktop application

Wuala comes as a convenient desktop application for Windows and Mac. After a quick download, Wuala is ready. It is integrated into your operating system so that you can conveniently drag and drop files, upload files in the background, open files in your favorite application, and stream media files directly.

For more information: http://wua.la

I have two invites left for wuala.If you want an invite please include your email address on your comments.


World’s oldest GSM phone

Back in 1991, the Motorola 1000 'Autotelefon' was the digital phone of choice.

Called a 'transportable', because, well, you couldn't get away with calling it 'mobile', the Motorola 1000 is bigger than most of today's base stations!

More surprising, and a real testament to the success of the original GSM specification, the Motorola 1000 will still work, unchanged, on today's vastly-different GSM networks.

For those nostalgia nuts out there, check out RetroBrick's complete range of ageing retro mobile bricks. We've come a long way in 15 years!


New Generation iPod: "iPod Touch"

Apple announced the new generation ipod.It is named iPod Touch.I guess I don't have to tell why it is called "touch" but I'm saying: It features a touchscreen QWERTY keyboard.It has a 3.5-inch "wide-screen".Another important revolution is iPod touch gives you wireless access to the web.It comes with a Safari browser in it.It also has a YouTube Player for the youtube addicts.Other features are same as iPod Classic so I won't tell about them.If you want to know more about iPod Touch then you should visit apple's official site:

R.I.P Pavarotti

Today I was watching the news and I saw that Pavarotti was dead.Actually I didn't use to listen him very much but I had good feelings about him(like a lot of people).The only thing i like about classical music was Pavarotti.Maybe his appearance was the cause of that but anyway he is dead now.So I've lost my only relationship with classical music.That means I'm going on with Rock'n Roll :).

If you don't know who Pavarotti is or wanna know more about him you should look at here: